Civilian deaths in US strikes in Syria and Iraq are ‘greatest catastrophe since WWII’

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“Current estimates put the figure at between 300,000 and 500,000 civilian deaths, for the stated purpose of wiping out a band of terrorists said to be, at its height in 2014, no more than 30,000 members, according to CIA estimates.”

Source: Civilian deaths in US strikes in Syria & Iraq are ‘greatest catastrophe since WWII’ — Puppet Masters —

© REUTERS/ Toru Hanai

It’s a nightmare: civilian deaths in Syria and Iraq in the ongoing war against Daesh are rising faster than local officials, and remote military intelligence gathering, can count, and the US-led coalition seems unwilling to do anything about it.

Prompting international outcry and repudiation, the ongoing warfare in Syria and Iraq has claimed so many innocent lives, and displaced so many people, that the UN now names it the greatest humanitarian catastrophe since World War II, and no end is…

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