How A Coal Company Can Realistically Help Its Coal Miners

This is brilliant, but it won’t work without gov’t subsidies for renewable energy. That’s where the Obama administration shines.
Let’s hope Trump sees the light!

Gronda Morin

Image result for PHOTOS OF TRUMP AND GOV BEVINThe below story demonstrates how a coal company can diversify its products base while providing good paying jobs to coal miners who are unemployed. The state of Kentucky is leading with the idea of utilizing stripped mining areas, already depleted of its coal to develop huge solar panel farms on the same land.

This is what the republican U.S. President Donald Trump should be backing instead of what he has been doing in propping up the fossil fuel industry with the false hope that he has  promised former coal miners, coal jobs will be returning.

Image result for photo of a solar farmOn 4/19/17,  Steve Hanley of penned the following report,  “Kentucky Coal Company Plans To Build State’s Largest Solar Farm.”


“Berkeley Energy Group is a coal company located in eastern Kentucky, one of the areas of America hit hardest by declining coal production. According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, coal extraction in Eastern Kentucky fell from…

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