A New Revolution In France

PA Pundits - International

By Andrew Bolt ~

They said outsider politics would revolutionise Europe: “France has elected its youngest president since Napoleon by voting in the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron.” Not a promising analogy (and Napoleon was no president.)

The National Front was easily defeated, but it has doubled its support from 2002, the last time it was in the final run-off:

French Presidential Candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

Mr Macron, 39, has picked up a massive vote of around 65.5 per cent, beating his final round rival Marine Le Pen, of the National Front, by two to one.

The Right was defeated, and by more than tipped a few months ago, but the challenges that fed it remain:

Not only did a quarter of the eligible 47 million voters choose not to cast a vote, the country is bitterly divided between pro and anti-Europe factions, high unemployment and increasing spread…

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