Liens Filed Against the Federal Reserve: The Key to Trump Ending the Fed & Returning the Gold Standard?

The last paragraph is explosive – must read!


One thought on “Liens Filed Against the Federal Reserve: The Key to Trump Ending the Fed & Returning the Gold Standard?

  1. 1Earth, There is one small point that need clearing as regards the gold and ownership; we aver that at least 70% of the gold from the fed, the east and even Sheba comes from Southern Africa; and, that we are the priority claimants in every global claim; a simple signature test will prove the origin of the gold;

    Firstly, leading up to 1994 Citibank was involved in the piracy of over 5 000 tons of gold in Operation Hammer and over 237 trillion dollars was siphoned from the SA economy; the same happened to our diamonds; mountains of the stuff;

    the gold from the east; once it is tested we will also find much of it comes from here; even Sheba’s gold which was donated to Solomon comes from Ophir; the real Ophir is Southern Africa; when the settlers came they found the ancient gold mines and continued mining the old sites;

    The Union of South Africa, like the State of Israel is a Rothschild Zionist creation and we are their piggy bank; every year an estimated 50 tons of off-ledger gold is being pirated; while our poor are of the poorest in the world; pensioners are eeking a living on less than $2 a day; a crying shame;

    Then of course there is the gold and silver market price manipulations which have been ongoing since the fraudulent 1916 Union of SA bankruptcy; and, the last decades as reported by GATA;

    So, before any foreclosure, lien or global currency reset can be perfected, any and all claimants will first have to take part in a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on resources with we, the people living on the land of Southern Africa; we are not greedy, we just want fair and just equity for developing nations of the Southern Hemisphere, first;

    Matt. 19: 30 But many that are first, shall be last, and the last shall be first.

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