Liens Filed Against the Federal Reserve: The Key to Trump Ending the Fed & Returning the Gold Standard?

The last paragraph is explosive – must read!


Source: The Mind Unleashedby Lance Schuttler

While there are certainly forces within the Deep State or “Shadow Government” that obviously oppose any moves to bring back the gold standard and end the Federal Reserve, the timing may be ideal for a massive push to accomplish both of these tasks.

Arguably, there has been no U.S. president whose every move has been scrutinized and reported on more than that of Donald Trump. He has over 26 million followers on Twitter, is being covered every day and night by every mainstream media outlet and many alternative media outlets. Much of what Trump says, does or Tweets about is further reported on and reaches hundreds of millions of people around the world. With respect to bringing back the gold standard and ending the Federal Reserve, Trump needs only to utilize the media’s spotlight to begin making a focused and consistent push…

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One thought on “Liens Filed Against the Federal Reserve: The Key to Trump Ending the Fed & Returning the Gold Standard?

  1. 1Earth, There is one small point that need clearing as regards the gold and ownership; we aver that at least 70% of the gold from the fed, the east and even Sheba comes from Southern Africa; and, that we are the priority claimants in every global claim; a simple signature test will prove the origin of the gold;

    Firstly, leading up to 1994 Citibank was involved in the piracy of over 5 000 tons of gold in Operation Hammer and over 237 trillion dollars was siphoned from the SA economy; the same happened to our diamonds; mountains of the stuff;

    the gold from the east; once it is tested we will also find much of it comes from here; even Sheba’s gold which was donated to Solomon comes from Ophir; the real Ophir is Southern Africa; when the settlers came they found the ancient gold mines and continued mining the old sites;

    The Union of South Africa, like the State of Israel is a Rothschild Zionist creation and we are their piggy bank; every year an estimated 50 tons of off-ledger gold is being pirated; while our poor are of the poorest in the world; pensioners are eeking a living on less than $2 a day; a crying shame;

    Then of course there is the gold and silver market price manipulations which have been ongoing since the fraudulent 1916 Union of SA bankruptcy; and, the last decades as reported by GATA;

    So, before any foreclosure, lien or global currency reset can be perfected, any and all claimants will first have to take part in a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on resources with we, the people living on the land of Southern Africa; we are not greedy, we just want fair and just equity for developing nations of the Southern Hemisphere, first;

    Matt. 19: 30 But many that are first, shall be last, and the last shall be first.

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