Lada Ray predictions and Ukraine timeline: Can it become part of Israel? Will Russia invade?

“However, there has been a slight shift in the timeline reality due to Kiev junta holding on to power for dear life and due to the US/EU establishment and shadow forces continuing its support.”

Lol, the same conditions apply for the US/EU as the West is also running out of time. Who else would be dumb enough to support the ailing petrodollar?
I see Saudi Arabia wants to be paid in arms!

US collapse would be slow and painful, dragged out kickin’ and screamin’, bare knuckle brawl… just as u’ve predicted!

Sorry Ukraine, Uncle Sam no longer has your back!

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Some important follow-ups to my latest: Heil Poroshenko! Ukraine junta bans Russian SM, prepares to ban Russian Orthodox Church.

First, an update and some rare good news from Ukraine! Under the pressure from the international community and from Ukraine’s own citizens, for now the Ukraine Rada did not pass the proposed Russian Orthodox Church ban. It has been widely warned that such ban would generate an all-out religious war in Ukraine.

The pressure on Ukraine not to adopt such shameful and anti-democratic law has been very tough. Even the Pope got involved, strongly advising against it. However, it’s early to rejoice. They will continue coming after the Russian churches and after everything Russian for as long at this junta is in power. We have seen this dance and song before, say, in the renaming of the streets and cities in Ukraine. Or take the visa regime with Russia – it…

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