Untold Origins of the Federal Reserve


Source: LFB.org, by Chris Campbell

“Progressive” is often a word we hear bandied about to describe very destructive things.

It’s “progressive,” for example, to believe taking responsibility for your individual thoughts, words and actions is a fool’s errand. When taken to its extreme, as it often is, many self-described progressives believe you are responsible for the actions, past and present, of your “group” — and such group, whether you like it or not, is decided for you without your input.

And based on what group you are in, you are more responsible for some things and less responsible for others.

So, says the uber-progressive, your individual actions don’t matter. The core of your being is morally relative. You are defined not by your peers, principles and actions — but by the things you can’t possibly choose. You are judged, rather, by those things outside of your control and those…

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One thought on “Untold Origins of the Federal Reserve

  1. The progressive movement has very ugly origins – according to Lawrence Goodwyn in the Populist Moment – it was a corporate-manufactured movement started in the early 1900s as an alternative to the Peoples Party (which the industrial elites crushed). The main platform of the Peoples Party was to end the ability of private banks to create money. See https://stuartjeannebramhall.com/2017/01/27/populism-americas-largest-mass-democratic-movement/


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