Trend Alert: The Death Of The Driver’s License


From the Daily Reckoning


Source: Trend Alert: The Death Of The Driver’s License – The Daily Reckoning

Do you remember your 16th birthday?

I’ll never forget mine… My family was on vacation at the time, but that didn’t stop me from getting my driver’s license.

After breakfast, my Dad drove me to the local DMV where I aced my road test and then drove Dad’s Crown Victoria back to the vacation rental house. I’ll always remember the feeling of freedom after dropping my Dad off, and driving down the road all by myself. A new world of freedom had just been opened up to this newly licensed driver.

My, how times have changed… The next generation of drivers has much less interest in being behind the wheel. And that’s driving (pardon the pun) some major shifts for investors today…

The Demise of the Millennial Driver

My oldest…

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