Catastrophic Population Loss! Ukrainians stampede into Poland as EU visa-free begins

Wow, run for the border! This is like a scene from a cattle call for a really bad movie. So sad that conditions are horrendous in Ukr that normal ppl had to flee for their lives. I predict that 90 day window would make the “Syrian” refugee crisis look like daycamp. This latest flood of “vacationers” starting to look like a Black Friday sale at Walmart, venture to guess how many are coming back?!

This could only accelerate the collapse of Ukraine, just as the West has planned, hoping for Russia to pick up the pieces. As foretold in your excellent ESW2 Webinar, this Western manufactured problems has an accumulated effect of postponing the inevitable collapse for the US… but the devil is in the details! Great Webinar, thanks for elucidating all the fine points and timelines!!! 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

Stampede to get out of Ukraine and into Poland! The video below is self-explanatory. This is happening on the border between Ukraine and Poland, the moment 90-day visa-free regime (Ukr/Rus: ‘bezviz’ = ‘without visa’) between EU and Ukraine comes into effect. The voice behind the camera repeatedly speaks in Ukrainian: “Look, Mr. Poroshenko, this is what our Euro-integration / bezviz looks like.”

As I explained since 2014, after the Kiev junta and ukro-nazis came to power, what little talent, brains and active population was still left in Ukraine, has been leaving. Millions moved to Russia. Anywhere between 6 and 8 million either work and live in Russia or have received Russian citizenship between 1991 and 2017. At least 1.5-2 million became refugees in Russia after Poroshenko junta came to power. Up to 3-4 million also left to the EU and US. This process greatly intensified after 2014 Kiev Maidan.


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