3 thoughts on “MASSIVE CENTRAL BANK ASSET PURCHASES: Last Ditch Effort To Save Economy & Cap Gold Price 

  1. He he, they are not buying or selling anything tangible; the black magick banksters are now having to furiously shuffle more peas under the cup, pull multi-coloured rabbits out of hats, big smoke and mirrors, and whatever else; because the audience is getting bored with the show; in peace


    • Hi Paleo, did you recently install an ad-blocker program/ extension? If so, like Ghostery, you would need to whitelist the site or else Likes, tweets, avatar won’t work. It could also be you antivirus or firewall definitions, but that’s more complicated.

      I’m afraid WP can’t really help you, no that they even try, but u’ll have to diagnose what has changed since the last time you remember liking a post. Good luck!


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