Oliver Stone Tells Colbert Israel Had More Influence than Russia on 2016 Election

I feel Mr. Stone was very tolerant and even-handed with Colbert, despite this Russophobic hatchet job of an interview. The brainwashed audience – dumber than a bag of rocks. 😉

Tales from the Conspiratum

The big question is, why do people think Colbert is funny?

Source: Oliver Stone Tells Colbert Israel Had More Influence than Russia on 2016 Election


Source: jewish press

June 14, 2017 

Film Director Oliver Stone on Monday night started a fight about Israel with host Stephen Colbert, on the CBS “Late Show” that never made it to air, the NY Post Page Six reported. A source in the audience said the political brawl was “painful to watch.”

The Oscar-winning Stone appeared on the show to promote his latest documentary, “The Putin Interviews.” Stone was granted unprecedented access to both Putin’s professional and personal worlds, and interviewed the Russian leader more than a dozen times over the course of two years, most recently in February following the U.S. presidential elections.

After showing a clip in which Stone clearly accepted without a hint of criticism Putin’s statement that Russia, unlike the…

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