The U.S. Constitution Says All Are Created Equal, GOP House And Senate Say Hell No

Classism is most certainly an issue in the US, here’s an interesting post about how Singapore dealt with gov’t assistance and universal health care:

Truth Troubles

Once again the GOP federal Congress and Senate show their disdain (the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect; contempt) for the poor and the working class American people. The GOP in their healthcare bill they are pushing down the throats of the American people show how much they despise at least the bottom 90% (incomes) of the people. I live in Kentucky so Senator Mitch McConnell is one of my two Senators so I am hoping that the next time he comes up for reelection that the people of this State vote this horses behind out of office. I am a registered voting Independent, I personally can’t stand either the Republican or the Democratic Party leaderships as in my opinion neither have any interest in being honest with the American people.

Even though this next ‘idea’ is not one I invented I have felt…

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One thought on “The U.S. Constitution Says All Are Created Equal, GOP House And Senate Say Hell No

  1. You said the real Truth I,m glad someone out there feels the way I do .The poor and lower class Family’s have been ripped apart by these $280,000.00 a year life time benefits in that.GREED working class labors just had all there assets taken to the wall street banking broker real-estate and the 1999 Frankenstein financial products Never disclosed to the lower class public educated . These brokers holding comp tax exempt trust all the other bullshit they try to sell .The real victims were the children homes were there safe spots its were there friends and schools are……HUMANITY thats a joke…..Public elected so called Leaders great job …..self centered all about self


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