The Democratic Party Finally Gets It, It’s All About Jobs, Jobs, Jobs


Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of democratic party leadersIn recent years, the democratic party had lost its way. Standing up for fairness, equity, people’s rights, justice and equal opportunity are all noble and worthwhile causes, but in the past, it was also the champion for the labor unions and the plight of the average Joe worker. As the labor union member numbers have dwindled, the party has lost this focus.

It appears that the democratic party is finally waking up to realizing that there has to be a pragmatic approach to governing as well as protecting and fighting for people’s rights and airing complaints about the other party or its candidates. Instead of focusing too much on justified grievances, their has to be a message with a glimmer of hope, like democrats promising to fight hard for increasing the minimum pay wage rates to living wage rates; a plausible way for young people to pay down student loans…

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