How the Government Keeps Getting Away with Lying to Us

United States Hypocrisy

Carla is a writer for the The Right Side of Truth website who was gracious enough to allow to publish her original material. This is her own opinion piece. I had no involvement in writing this though I do concur with much of what she’s saying in this piece.

How the Government Keeps Getting Away with Lying to Us

It’s no secret that the government lies to us. Whether it’s during election campaigns, regarding policy or covering up what our secret services are doing, untruths from the political class are met with minor outrage and then quickly swept under the rug.

However, at a time where the state of international politics is more fragile than ever, the constant stream of lies is beginning to enrage the average voter. The US, the UK and many European countries have witnessed a rise of anti-establishment candidates, representing our fatigue with a…

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