A Roman War Tool Still Influences the World

True Strange Library

You may have heard the quotes, “Truth is the first casualty of war,” or “The winner of a war rewrites history,” but few know we still today experience a history rewrite by Romans who won an ancient war.

If independent historical religiousresearchers are correct, the Flavian emperors of Rome left behind not just language, pottery, art and architecture, but an entire religion… one you’ve most likely heard about.

Watch this video:

There you have it, a real mothership of conspiracy theories. It seems to be compellingevidence thatChristianity is a manufactured religion, a Roman war propaganda tool. The writers built the story of Jesus from the life story of Caesar andcombined Roman ideology with existing Jewish ideas.

The writings, adapted from previous works, contain useful, practicalmoral guidance and wisdom, intriguing human stories, and, built in, at the center of it all,an invented, non-historical, peacefulJewish king (Jesus) who…

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