HAPPY 4TH of JULY Friends…Have A Blessed and Safe Fourth.

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Freedom to SERVE one another…Happy July Fourth

As we pause to celebrate the many freedoms that we enjoy this July Fourth, may we too pause to reflect on how we serve our fellow man, regardless of those things often taint our view of each other. Pause for a moment and reflect on how you express your love for others, even the unlovable, by serving them in grace. May we ALWAYS see freedom as the opportunity it is to not serve self, but one another, the way Jesus would, setting aside pride and embracing the real gospel of love and grace.

We have the freedom to love because LOVE freed us, and we are challenged to LOVE our neighbors, and that means all of them, (even the ones you disagree with.) It’s only in freely loving each other in grace…

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4 thoughts on “HAPPY 4TH of JULY Friends…Have A Blessed and Safe Fourth.

  1. Thank you for the Re-blogg and carrying on the Message of Love and God’s Grace! XO
    Happy 4th!

    Author/Writer, Cat Lyon 🙂

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