The world is not you

Totally agree up to a point, the fully realized individual plays an inherent role in an interconnected, interdependent society. No man is an island unto himself, and therefore must balance the considerations of others which makes up society. There is a role for the individual to contribute to society, and for society to support, nurture the individual… there must be a symbiotic balance or the whole structure will collapse and descend into chaos.

What Jon is saying: that any society can be corrupted by a minority of cancerous “elite” individuals who would like to control, imbalance and possible destroy the harmonious balance of society by exploiting, stealing wealth via central banking, installing incompetent corrupt leadership, enforcing a police state, using military war machine to destabilize etc. Those are signs of a civilization in decline, and it starts with an ideology of control, it used to be religion, television/ media propaganda, and now neo-liberal politics infiltrating our education system brainwashing the masses to do their bidding.

If Ayn Rand’s intelligent, creative, sovereign individual matures into an enlightened, compassionate, loving wise man, that is our destiny for the 21st century and beyond. The solution is the individual awakening to his/her own power, and creating goals to correct this inherent polarized imbalance, first within ourselves, only then can we collectively transform society for the better.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The world is not you

by Jon Rappoport

July 10, 2017

You meet a person who talks about elites’ war on the population, and this person, you realize, is doing two things: he’s speaking the truth; but he’s also canceling out his own life. It’s strange. It’s as if, in all his truth telling, he’s left a hole, and that hole is himself. The balance is gone. But it’s more than that. The decay and the disintegration of society is his excuse for his own absence. His own absence, even to himself.

You try to imagine what would happen if 100,000 people like him joined together in a great cause, and won. What would they do? It occurs to you that they wouldn’t suddenly reconstitute their own lives. They wouldn’t know how.

They wouldn’t be able to assert the value of the individual. They’d laid that aside and lost it…

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