Important Announcements! New Lada Ray Consultations and Free Q&A Webinar


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Dear friends,

This is the official announcement of two new offerings. As you all know, I do not do newsletters and I don’t inundate my followers with emails. Therefore, I use my main blog, FuturisTrendcast, for all important announcements. I hope all those who follow my work read these so not to miss something in which they may be interested.



Lada Ray no longer offers public personal consultations.
However, by popular demand expressed by her clients and followers, Lada has made a decision to again offer Private Personal Consultation service, exclusively for her existing clients, customers, followers and loyal supporters. Lada doesn’t have a particular intension of pursuing private consulting as a means of expanding her income at this time. However, she wishes to help those who have burning and important questions about their life path, life choices, and their past…

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Update: America’s Secret Multi-Trillion Dollar Black Ops Slush Fund

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Kirby thinks assassinating Trump is more likely than World War III.

Rob Kirby has made another video in a series. The first part of the series is below the video. It concerns an American secret Treasury Department slush fund where the CIA stashes its profits from the heroin market. The title of this video sayss as Mr Kirby implies is that the New World Order crowd is about to fail miserably. It is well worth the effort to watch this video.

A month ago two billionaires began a public dialogue that can enlighten us all about the Dark Corners of the American government. It began earlier this month when Hugo Salinas Price noticed that the reserves of Central Banks around the world had declined by a trillion dollars. Central Banks had dumped a trillion dollars in US government bonds in the 17 months ending January 8, 2016. Normally that kind of…

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