What Derails Planned ‘US-Israeli Military Operation’ in Syria

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It’s the only thing the US and Israeli military understand: Brute force.

Source: What Derails Planned ‘US-Israeli Military Operation’ in Syria – Sputnik International


July 13, 2017

Armed men in uniform identified by Syrian Democratic forces as US special operations forces walk in the village of Fatisah in the northern Syrian province of Raqa on May 25, 2016


The United States and Israel were jointly preparing a military operation in Syria but the plan was abandoned following reports about S-400 missile defense systems put on combat alert in the region, according to Syrian political adviser Suleiman al Suleiman.

According to the adviser, the operation was planned to be carried on July 2-4.

“The operation was cancelled after reports emerged that Russia’s S-400 missile defense systems and a missile attack warning system had been activated in Syria,” al-Suleiman said in an interview with Sputnik Arabic.

Moscow deployed the S-400 system to Syria after in November 2015 a Turkish jet downed a Russian Su-24 bomber on the Syrian-Turkish border.

In this picture released by the Iranian state-run IRIB News Agency on Monday, June 19, 2017, a missile is fired from city of Kermanshah in western Iran targeting the Islamic State group in Syria
© AP Photo/ IRIB News Agency, Morteza Fakhrinejad

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Here’s Why Most of the Meat Americans Eat is Banned in Other Industrialized Countries*

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Here’s Why Most of the Meat Americans Eat is Banned in Other Industrialized Countries*

By Martha Rosenberg

Recently, Organic Consumers Association, along with Friends of the Earth and Center for Food Safetyfiled suit against chicken giant Sanderson Farms for falsely marketing its products as “100% Natural” even though they contain many unnatural and even prohibited substances.

Specifically, Sanderson chicken products tested positive for the antibiotic chloramphenical, banned in food animals, and amoxicillin, not approved for use in poultry production. Sanderson Farms products also tested positive for residues of steroids, hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs—even ketamine, a drug with hallucinogenic effects.

This is far from the first time unlabeled human drugs have been found in U.S. meat. The New York Times reported that most chicken feather-meal samples examined in one study contained Tylenol, one-third contained the antihistamine Benadryl, and samples from China actually contained Prozac. The FDA has caught hatcheries

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YouTube Censors Video Showing US Airdropping Weapons Into ISIS’ Hands

Explosive! *Ba-dum-tshh*

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The same platform that hosts videos catered towards pedophiles, has pulled a video of the U.S. airdropping weapons to ISIS because it is “graphic content.”

Source: YouTube Censors Video Showing US Airdropping Weapons Into ISIS’ Hands



Another YouTube video has been censored on the grounds that it violated the platform’s Community Guidelines—but the removal of this video does not protect viewers from nudity or crude language. Instead, it ‘protects’ viewers from the reality of United States foreign policy.

Alternative geopolitical analyst Mimi Al Laham, who goes by the name “Partisan Girl,” revealed on Twitter that one of her YouTube videos was flagged and removed upon review. “It documented US military airdrops falling into ISIS hands,” She wrote. “Truth is graphic content.”

The notice from YouTube claimed the video was removed because it violated the platform’s Community Guidelines. In addition…

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Moldova President Igor Dodon Issues Bold Indictment to the West. Ukraine update.

It’s getting harder for the West to do regime, with the advent of internet and alternative news sources like RT, smaller countries know what to expect, and ASK FOR RUSSIA’S HELP!

Futurist Trendcast

It was a very brave and bold move by the new Moldavian president Igor Dodon. He was invited personally by Putin to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum 2017 as one of the keynote speakers, together with the PM of India Modi and new president of Austria. Dodon made his 10 minute speech, which sounded more like a direct indictment to the West for interfering in Moldova’s affairs and trying to sell the country to Romania, to a standing ovation by some and to stunned silence by others in the audience. After the speech, Putin personally shook Dodon’s hand and commented on how he ‘ignited the audience.’

You may recall that I spoke about Dodon and made predictions about Moldova in some of my 2015-16 articles on FT and in Earth Shift Report 8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT.

The situation in Moldova is developing as predicted. Have a listen to this important update.

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