Bank Of Italy Warns Citizens Against “Creating Your Own Currency”

The concept of money is based upon mutual agreement. As sovereign beings, no govt has the right to restrict transactions between 2 willing parties. Only in a tyrannical society would an agent of the state force their “law” against ppl acting morally, spiritually, reasonably among ourselves in every day life.

Let’s not forget about the blatant hypocrisy banks conduct themselves printing money out of thin air… that is a form of economic slavery and deceit.

Tales from the Conspiratum

“The scriptural Euro issue may have more people asking questions about the creation of money out of thin air – if banks can do it, why can’t we?”

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July 18, 2017

Citizens Claim Right to Create Scriptural Euros.

Citizens conjure Euros out of thin air, just like banks.

Create Your Own Currency!

Because the top cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum are open source, any one can create their own cryptocurrencies.

While the proliferation of cryptocurrencies has central banks concerened, another more insidious and perhaps greater threat to central banks’ monopoly on money creation is the issuance of scriptural euros by citizens.

What are Scriptural Euros?

Scriptural Euros are Euros issued by citizens under a “theory of the autonomous creation of scriptural currency” based on the idea…

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