What the ! ! No Way ! What did I just watch ? ?

This guy outsings Celine by a mile, I’m sure she’s jealous. Wow, Filipinos are the best karaoke singers PERIOD, thx for sharing!

renxkyoko's space

Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here !

I got an email from a  friend who informed  me about this Filipino singer  who sang LIVE on this popular Philippine radio station WISH FM 107.5 BUS that has a YouTube Channel . This radio station is inside a bus and is always on the road, and features local artists , mostly amateurs…… so, anyways, I got to watch and listen to this guy named Marcelito Pomoy, who just blew my brains off.  I mean, what the heck ! ! !   He’s freakin’ insane !

You guys, seriously , you just have to  watch this. He sings The Prayer, a Celine Dion – Andrea Bocelli duet.

Spoiler Alert ! !  He sings a duet with himself ! ! !

I swear, Filipinos love for karaoke does wonders.  Or , maybe Filipinos’ musical talent  is genetic, ( the best in Asia, and that’s a fact…… I’m supposed to…

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