Philippines’ Duterte warns miners: ‘I will tax you to death’

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Philippines’ Duterte warns miners: ‘I will tax you to death’

Reporting by Karen Lema and Enrico dela Cruz; Editing by Christian Schmollinger

Enrico Dela Cruz

July 24, 2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (C) gestures as he delivers a speech during the State of the Nation Address (SONA) on the Joint Session of the 17th Congress at the House of the Representatives in Quezon city, metro Manila, Philippines July 24, 2017.Romeo Ranoco

MANILA (Reuters) – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said he wanted to stop exporting mineral resources and might close the mining sector completely and tax miners “to death” if damage to the environment persisted.

“The protection of the environment must be made a priority ahead of mining and all other activities that adversely affect one way or another,” Duterte said in his State of the Nation address, his second since assuming power in June last…

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‘They Kept Us As Slaves’ – Mega Church Exposed Running Massive Slavery Ring in North Carolina

These televangelists scare the bejeezus outta me, they look like evil psychopathic clowns!

Tales from the Conspiratum

A secretive church in North Carolina is being exposed for running a modern day slavery ring and not a single church leader has been arrested.

Source: ‘They Kept Us As Slaves’ – Mega Church Exposed Running Massive Slavery Ring in North Carolina

Matt Agorist

July 24, 2017


Spindale, NC — Scores of former slaves have come forward to expose the Word of Faith Fellowship congregation as a hub for modern slavery in the United States in which hundreds have been victims, according to a scathing report from the Associated Press. To date, the church leaders have yet to be held accountable.

According to the investigation, the Word of Faith Fellowship set up two churches in Brazil and used it as a means of siphoning young laborers to the United States to use them for forced labor.

Andre Oliveira was one of those slaves who tells the AP he…

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NATO Wastes Cash on Phony Russian Threat

The Most Revolutionary Act


By Gordon Duff – Veterans Today

‘NATO money spent in wrong places & ways waiting for Russian invasion’

Instead of wasting resources sitting around in Poland and the Baltics waiting for an imaginary Russian invasion, NATO could be shoring up the borders against ISIS terrorists coming to Europe, Adam Garrie, managing editor at The Duran, says.

Interpol has released a list of 173 Islamic State fighters that could be preparing to carry out suicide bombings in Europe. It is thought that their mission is to inflict revenge for recent ISIS defeats in the Middle East.

Those terrorists linked to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) “may have manifested willingness to commit a suicidal attack or martyrdom to support Islam,” the Guardian reported on Friday.

The list includes a profile of each suspect detailing their name, ISIS recruitment date, last known address, home mosque and mother’s name and in some cases, photographs…

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1st time ever! Lada Ray Calibrates Earth Shift Webinars: QC, CHI, Soul Dimension and Truth Level

Awesome! 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

Lada Ray Quantum Calibrations.jpg

First time ever! Lada Ray Calibrates her Earth Shift Webinars:

Quantum Calibrations, CHI Levels, Soul Dimensions and Truth Levels

Before engaging in any webinar, article or book, I usually calibrate the Truth Level, as well as QC, CHI, and Soul Dimension of any information or insight I am about to put out into the world. This has been my usual procedure for a long time, but this is the very first time I am sharing this secret, yet highly revealing system with you, my dear friends, readers and followers!

Those who are familiar with how my Quantum and Geo Calibration System works, have seen this legend:

QC = Quantum Calibration, or cosmic energy available to object or subject

 CHI = Chi or earthly energy of manifestation in 3D, of object or subject

In this post I am introducing to you two new calibrations, which have not been presented publicly yet, but…

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Ketamine ‘incredibly effective’ at ending depression – study

End this stupid “war on drugs”. Investigate big pharma instead!

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Ketamine ‘incredibly effective’ at ending depression – study — RT Viral

RT Viral

Ketamine ‘incredibly effective’ at ending depression – study
“Astounding” new evidence suggests ‘party drug’ Ketamine can cure/end depression in the elderly.

Australian researchers at the Black Dog Institute completed the world’s first randomized control trial (RCT), assessing the efficacy and safety of ketamine as a treatment for depression in elderly patients.

 A total of 16 patients over the age of 60, many of whom had suffered from depression for years and found other treatments ineffective, were given low doses of the drug.

Increasing doses of ketamine were given over a period of five weeks, with doses tailored for each individual participant.

The results, published in the latest American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, provide preliminary evidence that ketamine is effective as an antidepressant – when delivered in repeated intravenous doses.

“What we noticed was that…

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5 Articles About the State Taking Parent’s Rights


July 24, 2017

The state is deciding who is fit to be parents, keeping parents from treating their sick kids, and arresting parents if their kids skip school. Oh but don’t worry about that smart device in the home. All that info it’s collecting on your kids could never fall into the wrong hands.

1. State Decides If You Are Smart Enough to Keep Your Kids

Parents in Oregon have had two of their children taken away by the state. There is no evidence, or even accusation, of abuse or neglect. But the parents have low IQs. So the state can take your kids if they decide you are too dumb.

2. Charlie Gaurd’s Parents Still Fighting– U.S. Dad Speaks Out

The psychopaths in the British government are still trying to prevent a baby with a rare disease from getting treatment in America. The U.S. Congress has granted…

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