Ketamine ‘incredibly effective’ at ending depression – study

End this stupid “war on drugs”. Investigate big pharma instead!

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Source: Ketamine ‘incredibly effective’ at ending depression – study — RT Viral

RT Viral

Ketamine ‘incredibly effective’ at ending depression – study
“Astounding” new evidence suggests ‘party drug’ Ketamine can cure/end depression in the elderly.

Australian researchers at the Black Dog Institute completed the world’s first randomized control trial (RCT), assessing the efficacy and safety of ketamine as a treatment for depression in elderly patients.

 A total of 16 patients over the age of 60, many of whom had suffered from depression for years and found other treatments ineffective, were given low doses of the drug.

Increasing doses of ketamine were given over a period of five weeks, with doses tailored for each individual participant.

The results, published in the latest American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, provide preliminary evidence that ketamine is effective as an antidepressant – when delivered in repeated intravenous doses.

“What we noticed was that…

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2 thoughts on “Ketamine ‘incredibly effective’ at ending depression – study

  1. Perhaps well-intentioned, the addition of another chemical toxin in the “war on depression” is just another step backwards in treating this condition. We need to pay attention to root causes, such as wifi and other electromagnetic pollution first. We could cure a lot of depression with other things,too, like getting rid of the IRS and the FED.

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    • Great points u’ve brought up. Another major cause of depression is the GMO contaminated food supply and fluoridated water. Also unplug from MSM news, that by itself will cure all types of mental illness! 🙂

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