New Poll: 72% of USA allies consider it the biggest global threat

LMAO, was there any doubt?! US hegemonic policies around the world makes us global public enemy #1. When one’s allies consider us a treat, who needs enemies. XD

Interestingly, the world views Russia as the greatest stabilizing force for world peace; like Lada says, somebody has to counterbalance all that evil in the world. *\o/*

Futurist Trendcast

Worthwhile video report from RT. Over 40 thousand respondents in 38 countries feel that US is the most dangerous country in the world, fearing it a lot more than Russia, China, N. Korea or Iran, or anyone else. What’s striking is that the animosity and distrust of the US within the populations its ‘allies,’ such as Greece, Turkey, S. Korea, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Spain, and even Canada off the charts. Up to 72% of respondents in these countries consider US the main global threat.

This is how INVERTED COLLAPSE works, people. This is it — unfolding in front our very eyes! It is like the collapse of the USSR, yet not quite like it; in other words, approached from the OPPOSITE END, yet leading to a similar result, with a multiplied effect, to boot.

All this is explained in:

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Earth Shift Webinar2 : INVERTED COLLAPSE


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One thought on “New Poll: 72% of USA allies consider it the biggest global threat

  1. Sanctions Bill

    The Constitution grants the president 10 days to review a measure passed by the Congress. If the president has not signed the bill after 10 days, it becomes law without his signature. So why did he sign it? Tweet rhetoric is cheap. When a person signs something it means he agrees with it. Am I over simplifying this or is there something I don’t understand?


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