USA turns into fascist Ukraine: FBI to search Russian Diplomatic Properties

Lada, don’t you know that commies are everywhere!

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This post is a follow-up to my yesterday’s article: What next? US shuts down Russian San Francisco Consulate + two other diplomatic sites!

We have seen how it went in Ukraine since 2014 Kiev fascist coup: banning Russian films and newspapers, expelling Russian people, attacking Russian consulates and embassy, beating up those who disagree, and blaming Russia for their own sins…

US is quickly digressing into the same dark state. But it is one thing when it’s Ukraine, a large country, but with destroyed economy, no modern army or weapons to speak…

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What next? US shuts down Russian San Francisco Consulate + two other diplomatic sites

“But that was only the beginning of this new diplomatic 4D war. As many around the globe have noticed, there is no difference whether it’s Bush, Obama (Nobel Peace Prize winner, no less!), or Trump. US is only happy when it creates conflict and wars all over the globe. They are too afraid to attack Russia directly. In fact, as I’d predicted since 2014, they’ll NEVER DARE. But they find ways to do it insidiously and clandestinely, escalating conflict in every way they can. This is the nature of the beast.”

Lada, you’ve summed up US/ Russia relations beautifully. It has always been a one sided affair, with US hostility constantly threatening Russia and the rest of the world into compliance. Weaker/ corrupt countries experience colored revolutions and regime change. Russia always try to reason with the beast, but sadly action speaks louder than words, esp when reason and diplomacy is a foreign concept to the West. LOL, and

“State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the United States has fully complied with Russia’s demand to reduce staff at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and at a smaller facility in St. Petersburg.”

“We have chosen to allow the Russian Government to maintain some of its annexes in an effort to arrest the downward spiral in our relationship,” she said.”

“The United States hopes that, having moved toward the Russian Federation’s desire for parity, we can avoid further retaliatory actions by both sides and move forward to achieve the stated goal of both of our presidents: improved relations between our two countries and increased cooperation on areas of mutual concern,” Nauert said.

Wow, isn’t that just swell!

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In late December 2016 US, still under Obama, suddenly announced seizure of Russian diplomatic properties and expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic staff, together with families. People with school children were given less than 48 hours to clear out of the country, in violation of any and all human rights, and right before New Year’s and Christmas.

At that time, Russia did nothing, awaiting Trump’s presidency and hoping he would conduct a more sane policy.

There was a PROMISE made by Trump — and therefore an expectation by the Russian side — that US would return illegally expropriated Russian diplomatic properties. This promise was supposed to materialize during or after the long-anticipated meeting between Putin and Trump during G20 in Hamburg, Germany. Nothing transpired and Trump together with Tillerson dodged all Russian inquiries.

G20 Hamburg Putin Trump 1

Vladimir Putin meets Donald Trump at G20 in Hamburg, Germany

After waiting for any progress till the end…

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