Big Pharma’s Battle against Vitamins and Homeopathic Medicine

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Global Research, September 03, 2017

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair)

(OMNS Sept 1, 2017) Now there’s yet another article cautioning readers to not take vitamins because they may somehow increase the risk for lung cancer. [1,2]

Attacks pushing drug treatment, in preference to less expensive and more effective treatment with vitamins and other essential nutrients, have become quite common in recent years. Orthomolecular medicine has adapted to such assaults. The field now looks forward to these spurious attacks because they provide a level of comic relief from the tensions of serious orthomolecular research.

The gist of the article is the following: Epidemiologists at two American cancer research institutes (Mayo Clinic and Ohio State University) and the National Taiwan University studied…

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This is Orwellian on steroids


Scientists, physicians, and local governments throughout California are raising the alarm about Senate Bill SB649 (similar bills exist in other states), which would eliminate the established planning control that local governments currently have over the placement of wireless facilities along streets and on public property.

Powerful wireless corporations want this local control eviscerated to pave the way for forced 5G (Millimeter wave) deployment. The wireless industry claims the public wants this new infrastructure, but if the public really wanted these new cell sites in their neighborhoods, SB 649 would of course not be necessary. SB 649 is all about suppressing democracy to suit the CTIA‘s obsession with the “internet of things” (or IoT).

If the bill passes, expect big telecom to try and bully their way into your community with high frequency microwave cell sites on street poles (adding to electrosmog from existing smart meter, 3G, and…

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Trump as ‘Russian Agent’ Scandal | Lada Ray Impeachment Predictions

Still makes me chuckle how the deep dark state needs to get Trump out, behold, the Art of the Deal may just keep him in office for the full term. Trump being a thorn in the backside of the establishment is worthwhile for the next 3 yrs, LOL. 😉

Futurist Trendcast

This is relevant to my predictions about Trump’s ‘straitjacket’ and his caving in to Dark State, as well as my previous posts about the expropriation of Russian San Francisco consulate and trade missions in NYC and DC.

From June interview with The Plane Truth: Trump as ‘Russian Agent’ Scandal | Lada Ray Impeachment Predictions. Full interview is found on Lada Ray YouTube channel ~ go to playlist LADA RAY INTERVIEWS.


Also heads up! I added some new info and video to my yesterday’s article USA turns into fascist Ukraine: FBI to search Russian Diplomatic Properties. Scroll down to the bottom to read: ‘BY INTERNATIONAL LAW US ACTIONS CONSTITUTE AN INVASION OF RUSSIAN TERRITORY!’

WARNING! What is happening with Russian diplomatic properties is not a distraction, as some suggest  — it is THE goal. Why? I’ll try to break it down in a few days for you, as time permits. Stay…

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QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS | Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn

Amazing how accurate and helpful calibrations can be. So much clarity, thanks Lada!

Futurist Trendcast

Relevant to upcoming German elections! Part of my interview with THE PLANE TRUTH of June 2017. Full interview is found on Lada Ray YouTube channel ~ go to playlist LADA RAY INTERVIEWS.

I’ll have more on German elections, Angela Merkel and my predictions soon, time allowing! Stay tuned.

There are 2 posts today, and I’m taking tomorrow off ~ have a nice Sunday and Monday, everyone!

Also see today’s other post: Trump as ‘Russian Agent’ Scandal | Lada Ray Impeachment Predictions

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