US Empire in full collapse mode: Morgan Freeman Declares US is at war with Russia

Curious why the powers that be chose an actor for this public service announcement? I suppose a politician delivering this very same message wouldn’t have the same degree of credibility, charisma, chi? Problem is, half the country don’t think Trump regards Putin as a Soviet spy. He keeps calling the Russian investigation as a witch-hunt against his administration. So who are we to believe? Hmmmm, LMAO!

Maddie’s prediction: Morgan Freeman will be allowed to continue acting in the foreseeable future… Genius!!

Futurist Trendcast

US Empire in full collapse mode. Where else can it find an enemy it can blame for all of its problems?

There was a time when Hollywood, with all its hysteria, produced some semi-truthful, if not plausible, films about Russia, USA’s eternal frenemy, right? There was a time when Hollywood films were entertaining and well-executed.


No more… Goodbye and RIP, Hollywood, if there is any peace left in that crazy place… Hollywood is finished, as are all those former stars, who have completely lost touch with reality, if they ever possessed any. This is what happens when fat times are over and they foresee lean times ahead. They go into a full-blown hysterics mode.

The Great Earth Shift is upon us, and it will reveal and expose all the lies, along with those who tell them. Poor…

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