EXPOSED: Major voter fraud uncovered in key swing state

It’s the crime liberals claim DOESN’T exist… but that little myth has just been busted wide open by a brave small-town prosecutor in middle America, who just indicted seven people on charges of voter fraud.

Move over, Jeff Sessions — because the seven criminal suspects nabbed by Franklin County, Ohio prosecutor Ron O’Brien are NOT citizens of the United States.

Yet all of them are accused of registering to vote and/or casting ballots in Ohio.

Sound familiar? Of course it does – but the mainstream media refuses to talk about it.

While voter fraud anywhere is a threat to democracy everywhere, that’s doubly so in Ohio, a crucial swing state that has helped determine the winner of every single presidential election in modern political history.

They’ve voted for the winner every four years since 1964, including in some of the most closely contested elections the nation has ever had.

While seven fraudulent votes surely wouldn’t swing a presidential election, O’Brien actually uncovered three dozen potential cases in just his county.

Investigators later found that 29 of them had registered, but checked the “not a citizen” box on their form. Somehow, through simple neglect or something much more sinister, they were registered anyway.

Since they actually answered the question honestly, however, they were taken off the rolls but not charged.

“It is illegal for people to register and vote if they are not United States citizens,” O’Brien said.

That may seem like a basic common-sense statement. Yet for some reason, it’s a hot-button issue to the left. Democrats have attempted to stonewall and block every reasonable effort to find illegal voters, kick them off the rolls and prosecute them.

You have to wonder what they’re so afraid of – and it’s almost certainly that the threat is much bigger than a handful of cases in central Ohio.

There are examples throughout this critical swing state. Over the summer, a liberal activist pleaded guilty to 14 counts in a voter fraud scheme, including registering five dead people to vote.

Earlier this year, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted found HUNDREDS of examples of non-citizens who had registered to vote, including 126 who voted in at least one election.

“When you consider that in Ohio we have had 112 elections decided by one vote or tied in the last three years, every case of illegal voting must be taken seriously and elections officials must have every resource available to them to respond accordingly,” Husted said.

That’s right: 112 elections tied or decided by a single vote. That’s how important this issue is.

It’s not just Ohio, either. In Virginia, another key swing state, one report found 5,556 non-citizens had illegally registered to vote, casting 7,474 ballots. And earlier this year, an investigation by The Horn uncovered examples of voter fraud in all 50 states.

Nationwide, a Pew study found more than 1.8 million DEAD people registered to vote, and 2.75 million registered in multiple states.

Clearly, it’s time to stop stonewalling President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission and let them do their job.

— The Horn editorial team