Fascist-in-chief Calls for Players to Be Fired for Not Standing During National Anthem

United States Hypocrisy

Speaking at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama in support of a Republican Senator’s reelection bid, aspiring fascist-in-chief Donald Trump sounded his familiar hyper-nationalist alarm, calling on NFL team owners to respond to football players who don’t stand during the National Anthem or salute the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance with loss of job. In Trump’s words they should say, “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. He’s fired.” The worst part of this is the fact that his numerous supporters responded with roars of approval, despite Trump previously railing against “political correctness.” What more extreme form of political correctness can there be than forcing someone to partake in a display of ultra-nationalism, or else risk losing their livelihood?

President Donald Trump has some advice for National Football League owners: Fire players who kneel during the national anthem. He’s also encouraging fans to walk out in protest.

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WHOLE TRUTH on Zapad-2017 Russia-Belarus Army Exercise + China-Russia Navy Drills near Korea

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Zapad 2017 Russia-Belarus Army Exercise and China-Russia Naval Drills near Korea

Pre-planed Russia-Belarus joint Zapad 2017 War Games ran from September 14 to 20th, 2017. The official number of participating troops, according to Russian and Belorussian official sources, was less than 13 thousand.

There are several…

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Maxime Waters: “Impeachment Is . . . Whatever The Congress Says It Is”


1024px-Congresswoman_Waters_official_photoRep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has become an icon for the left in her unrelenting calls for impeachment of President Donald Trump and tapping into the blind rage across the country.  That appeal to the base however took a worrisome turn this week as Waters rallied supporters around the assurance that impeachment is anything they want to say it is.  As I stated recently to the Rolling Stones, this view was made popular by Gerald Ford and has been uniformly condemned by constitutional experts.  Waters is dismissing the constitutional obligation to find “high crimes and misdemeanors” in assuring supporters that they can simply get rid of Trump on a muscle vote.  Political convenience has long been the enemy of constitutional principle, but this effort is highly dangerous for our country as a whole.  We are living in an age of rage and Waters’ approach would create an channel to direct…

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