What does it mean? ALL EXPLAINED! Poland orders DESTRUCTION of 500+ Russian WWII memorials

When will Poles ever learn, we are all ONE. Too bad Slav compatriots routinely get brainwashed by the West. History gets rewritten, and they never learn! Don’t mess with Russia!!

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Dear Lada, we found this article:
The Polish Sejm (Parliament) has just passed a law ordering the destruction of Soviet war memorials throughout Poland. The Soviet Army liberated Poland after years of …
Did you know of this happening? I find it unbelievably sad…..
Much Love,


Yes, of course I know about this. This is one of the most sickening things I have observed in a very long time.

There are some details in my earlier BIG article/report discussing Putin – Trump G20 meeting: G20, Putin, Trump, Ivanka, Merkel, Xi, BRICS: Lada Ray Quantum Calibrations and Predictions. That report talks, among other things, about Trump’s trip to Poland in the course of which he was terribly laudatory of Poland rewriting history, and even helped them re-write history a bit in his own speech given to the Polish…

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2 thoughts on “What does it mean? ALL EXPLAINED! Poland orders DESTRUCTION of 500+ Russian WWII memorials

    • LOL, that’s poetically sound! With Poland under Washington’s thumb, I’m sure they’ll welcome it! A kind of Polish memorial of American’s greatest rednecks fighting to keep the status quo, aka slavery, bigotry, discrimination, lynchings. Ahh the good old days, fond memories of Poles under repression from Stalin’s gulag. ♪Back on the Chain Gang♪

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