You Are Where You Are Because That’s Where You Want to Be

Amen, i couldn’t agree more!
“What changes things is taking action. So if you want and need things to be different, then you must take action.”
Words to live by, i try to incorporate this into my everyday life. What i can change, i focus my energies on; what i can’t change, then i ask myself what i can do differently. Use my imagination and God given creativity to “shift” my reality for the better. If it doesn’t work out the first time, that’s alright, i’ll just keep making the necessary adjustments, learn and move forward!

Excellent advice Aura, and wonderfully expressed. Many blessings for sharing your message with the world. So many ppl need to hear this post HERE-NOW! There’s really nothing we can’t accomplish or overcome, after all who set our limitations if now ourselves? And don’t blame “THE MAN” in the sky, or big bad government, parents, or anyone else for that matter because like you said – playing the blame game never changed anything, and worse, it keeps one from taking responsibility of their own life. Everyone should be asking themselves, “who is living my life if not me/ myself and I”?

We enslave our own mind, body, spirit – nobody has power over us unless we agree to it!!
Harsh message, i know, but majority of ppl are like the sleeping dead… WAKE UP!!!!!

Aura E Martinez

Today’s post may be a hard one to digest for many. I know it has been and sometimes still is for me. Today’s post is about how you are where you are because that’s where you want to be.

Why can this be a hard one to digest for many? Because many times it is hard to admit that the reason why we are where we are in life is because that’s where we chose to be. “But Aura, this life that I’m currently living is not what I chose for myself?! All these things just happened to me!” Well, some situations may have occurred but in order for your life to change, in order for you to increase in well-being, it is a must to take responsibility for your life. Just like I’ve mentioned in my speeches, not doing so is like sitting on the passenger seat watching your whole…

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