10 Specific Claims Of Chemtrails And Geoengineering

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Source: 10 Specific Claims Of Chemtrails And Geoengineering – Listverse


Marcus Lowth


We’ve probably all glanced up at airliners and jets flying up high in the sky at some point or another. While common sense tells us that the white lines coming out of planes are contrails and that they’re completely normal and harmless, the subject of chemtrails (which many people believe them to be) has been fiercely debated in recent times.

And it’s easy to see why, when repeated isolated cases seem to suggest that “something” has altered certain environments. Such conspiracy theories have been further fueled by actual admissions from government officials that such experiments have indeed taken place in the past. Here are ten specific claims of chemtrails and geoengineering that do not at all seem to be in the interests of the general population.

10 ‘Mystery Flu’ Hits The United States

In the early…

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Meet the 10 Companies that Control Almost Every Food and Beverage Brand in the World

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“If it has more than five ingredients, it’s probably not food. Or if it has ingredients that your third grader can’t pronounce, it’s probably not food,” Pollan says.

This eye-opening infographic by Oxfam International reveals that 10 companies control virtually the entire human food distribution system.



Only 10 companies control almost every large food and beverage brand in the world.

In 2013, Oxfam International created a “Behind the Brands” report, which focused on 10 of the world’s biggest and most influential food and beverage companies. These mega-corporations are so powerful that their policies can have a major impact on the diets and working conditions of people worldwide.

In an effort to push these companies to make positive changes—and for customers to realize who controls the brands they are buying—Oxfam created a mind-boggling infographic that shows how interconnected consumer brands really are.

Based on the report…

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More False Flag Ops as the Deep State is Losing on Every Battlefront

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Source: More False Flag Ops as the Deep State is Losing on Every Battlefront | Covert Geopolitics

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Oct 2, 2017

The script has been overused for some time, but as madmen they are, they must continue to unleash their MK-ULTRA assets to whenever there’s a need to sway public’s attention from the multi-pronged offensive against their well-built institutions of control.

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Catching Straws: Democratic Members Call For Impeachment For Trump’s NFL Comments and Other Controversies


300px-National_Football_League_logo.svgdonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedBelow is my  column in the Hill newspaper on the continuing controversy over President Donald Trump’s remarks over the NFL anthem protest. including the suggestion that his remarks could constitute a case for impeachment.  I wrote earlier that the coverage over the anthem protests have been criticized with cameras notably redirected when boos were heard from the crowed. Indeed, yesterday morning, I watched CNN cover the controversy and say that at a particular game there was “both cheers and boos.”  However, when they cut to the clip there was overwhelming boos and the reporter admitted that the fans have clearly “not gotten the message” of the players.  It does concern me that, again, the coverage seems weighted in downplaying the polls showing that most people (including myself) do not approve of the protesting of the anthem and raising of the flag. As I have previously written, this…

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