Most plausible scenario of what went down in Vegas

Las Vegas Shooter At Mandalay Bay Hotel Part Of FBI Undercover Sting Operation That Went BAD!


How do we know that the FBI agents were not in a room close by? Maybe they were… Because as soon as the radical group informs Paddock that they know he is working with the FBI they would either take him hostage and or shoot him on the spot. More likely take him hostage! And we know that police protect police so they are not going to storm into his room and risk getting Paddock killed. But maybe they did not think that the group would commit a terrorist act on the people below? Once that happened regardless of whether Paddock lived or died they could not go public with this story. And I explain why that is in this video. That would also explain why they are not sharing any hotel surveillance video publicly. Because that would show exactly what happened in the hallway between the agents, the group and possibly Paddock. If we do get some footage it will be footage that was filmed post shooting and made to look like what they want you to see.

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