Erdogan struggles to stay awake during presser with Ukraine’s Poroshenko

I protest, this kind of torture is inhumane and against the Geneva Convention… at the very least unconscionable!
Listening to Poroporker speak is akin to verbal lobotomy, hope poor Erdogan didn’t suffer any permanent damage! 😦

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I just couldn’t resist posting this hilarious video of Erdogan repeatedly falling asleep during Ukraine’s Poroshenko’s talk. Frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it during talks between leaders of 2 countries.

Not only Erdogan isn’t taking this puppet seriously. Poroshenko’s hanging by the thread inside Ukraine, performing a balancing act to stay alive. For a fake photo-op with Trump, Poroshenko has to pay Washington lobbyists the millions Ukraine doesn’t have. Most importantly, there is trouble brewing in the EU for Ukraine — stay tuned for my new intel!

For now everyone’s keeping Poroshenko around as a useful and predictable idiot. But only for now…

Ukraine, ruled by the Kiev junta and ukro-nazis, has hit its final dead end, and signs are many. There is a global eerie pause in regards to Ukraine… Do you feel it? The West doesn’t know what else to do with it, and Russia is waiting…

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Las Vegas shooter’s Reno home broken into, FBI revisiting

So nothing was stolen or out of place, according to LVPD. Perhaps the FBI needed to plant more evidence in the middle of night, ie cannabis or roids. Yeah thats it, a 64 y.o. man smoked some weed and started a cycle, now his roid rage got the best of him so he decided to commit mass murder. Now we must ban all guns AND drugs! Hmmm.