9 Things You Could Have Bought Instead of Funding the Failed US Empire

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: 9 Things You Could Have Bought Instead of Funding the Failed US Empire


Written by Carey Wedler

According to recently released budget data from the Pentagon, the direct cost of America’s wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria since 9/11 will amount to roughly $1.5 trillion by next October.

DefenseOne, a military news outlet, reported this week that this information became available because “The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act ordered the Pentagon and IRS to compile and publicly post the information on the Defense Department’s website.” 

But according to a recent analysis released this year by the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University, the costs are even higher. The U.S. has spent $4.8 trillion “on the post/9/11 wars,” the report notes. ” As DefenseOne explained:

“But when other, far greater costs are included — such as medical and disability…

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