Spain: How Many People Will They Be Willing To Butcher In Catalonia?

If history is any indication Spain will not give up without a fight, bloodshed is inevitable if Catalonian officials are charged with treason and forcibly removed.

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Spain: How Many People Will They Be Willing To Butcher In Catalonia?

As most folks who are interested in this ‘Autonomy’ issue between the nation of Spain and the nation of Catalonia realize the government of Spain appears ready to invade the nation of Catalonia. The reason for this arrogance is that the people of the nation of Catalonia voted on October first of this year to truly separate themselves from the federal government of Spain. By the articles that I have read since the first of October concerning the succession vote by the people of Catalonia it appears that the people voted at a 90-92% rate to completely break away from Spanish rule.

The King of Spain and their Prime Minister tried to make it difficult for the people to vote back on the first by using the police to beat and arrest people at the polling locations as…

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