National Service?

Marlene, this is a brilliant suggestion! I know Israel and S Korea has mandatory 2 to 3 year military service. Why not recruit citizens who are unemployed, poor, on gov’t welfare and give them a sense of purpose?

I could see an expanded national Peace Corps operation to really Make America Great Again, not just an empty slogan!

Marlene Dotterer

This article in the NYT was interesting. Mind you, I have nothing but derision for Kelly’s attitude toward the American people he’s supposed to be serving, but he’s got the right idea with a national service.

I agree. I think we should have a national service in which all Americans, except for the most seriously disabled, should be required to participate. Not just – or even primarily – military service. We should not live our lives or run our country in devotion to war. There are a thousand other things people could do during their service: build homes, schools, or other public areas, teach, feed, care for elderly or children, serve on juries, pick up litter, serve as emergency responders… we could consistently build and maintain a highly functional society whose people understand they depend on each other.

Timing and length of service is debatable. Immediately after high school? Or…

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3 thoughts on “National Service?

  1. Thank you for reblogging my post! I don’t disagree with the comments here, but I can only challenge naysayers to come up with solutions. And point out that when a (government) program fails, it’s not necessarily because the program was a bad idea. Usually it’s lack of political will and a lack of long-term, sustainable planning. Politicians rarely think long-term, and even if they do, they have to compromise with and garner support from other politicians who are basically against the idea. And that idea that “someone has to pay for it!”? That’s the thing – Americans are so afraid to do a project the right way because they don’t dare spend anything! People need to understand that yes, it costs money to do the right thing the right way, and yes, we all need to pay for it. And we need to understand that if we don’t pay for it one way, we pay for it another way. Usually a more expensive, more damaging way to both people and planet.


  2. Well meaning but poorly thought out. National service in the United States today (and since November 22, 1963, has involved unnecessary wars, tremendous national and personal indebtedness, loss of our industrial base, and attempted destruction of our Constitution. We are enduring an attempt at the Project for a New American Century, Kristol and Kagan and others, people apparently who disliked America as it was.

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    • Oh well, i guess the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We never had mandatory national service aside from the draft. Welfare state and Obamacare, socialist projects never end well in the long term… as the saying goes, someone has to pay for it!

      I agree with you that Globalism has devastated the middle class and US industrial base, all the while eroding our Constitutional rights under NWO/ UN agendas, this has nothing to do with National Service.


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