Billionaire To Spend $10 Million On Trump’s Impeachment! Why?

My thoughts exactly, thank you for stating what should be obvious to every person with 2 brains cells to rub up on. Apparently if this douche Steyer has 10 million to throw away, it is fulfilling some agenda… and i guarantee it’s not to benefit us!


Why, indeed?

Hedge fund manager turned environmental billionaire Tom Steyer is spending $10 million on a national ad campaign calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. A one-minute television ad, launched by Steyer last Friday, accuses Trump of raising the likelihood of nuclear war with North Korea, obstructing justice in his termination of former FBI director James Comey, and violating the Constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down press organizations.

First of all, why would one billionaire get so disturbed over Trump’s presidency that he would spend over $10 million on an ad campaign to in essence, do nothing? He can call for the impeachment of Donald Trump until he goes hoarse, but that won’t solve anything, nor will it lead to Trump’s impeachment. And who in the world would think that things could only get better if we had Mike Pence to deal with instead of…

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One thought on “Billionaire To Spend $10 Million On Trump’s Impeachment! Why?

  1. I, for one, am very alarmed by the possibility of Pence being president. I suspect a number of congressional Republicans share this feelings. It now occurs to me that Trump made a very wise choice in picking him as a running mate.


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