Russians are Now Being Blamed for Social Justice Movements like Black Lives Matter… Seriously

United States Hypocrisy

If you thought the anti-Russia hysteria had reached a climax after the presidential election one year ago, the past weeks have shown that there is literally nothing the political establishment and media won’t pin on Russia. Now they’ve gone so far as to accuse Russian state and non-state actors of stoking racial tensions between police and communities of color by spending a whopping total of $80 on Facebook ads. If that doesn’t sound like much, it’s because it isn’t. Unfortunately websites that should know better, such as ColorLines and The Root, are spreading the corporate media’s line without question, attempting to tie it to the history of the Soviet Union and its stated support of anti-colonial movements across the globe in the 20th century.

kctob7k The Soviet Union’s accurate portrayal of the United States

ColorLines, which has been an invaluable source for news and information for the past decade,

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Another Record Breaking Year for Opium Production in U.S. Occupied Afghanistan

Tales from the Conspiratum

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer
November 2, 2017

Now officially a national federal emergency, the opioid crisis is gutting America. The roots of this complex issue lie in supply, not demand, and while we are beginning to see major pharmaceutical executives being indicted for conspiracy and bribery of doctors, we have a long way to go to turn this thing around.

Pharmaceutical and synthetic opioids are a major part of the catastrophe, but the other side of the supply chain is actual opium, and the world’s biggest opium market just happens to be occupied Afghanistan, the epicenter of the global heroin trade. The United States military has been operating in Afghanistan as part of the war on terror for over 16 years now, and opium production in the war-torn nation continues to increase, year-over-year, coinciding with the rise of the opioid crisis.

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