Lada Ray TimeMonkRadio Interview: The Putin Enigma and The Coming Western Perestroika

I been reading about the gov’t putting pressure on social media to crack down on alt media, quelling dissent through blacklisting sites that do not fall in line with the official narrative.

Your timely info and truth sets the record straight, so you are certainly on their radar and hit-list.

Interesting that YouTube (Google) who is definitely in bed with the deep dark state has been scrambling to stifle voices of reason, love and peace.

It’s so obvious that they are resisting the inevitable Earth Shift. Yes indeed, dark forces do Be careful! This site is definitely harmful to the establishment, dinosaurs of the perpetual war era.

Lada keep spreading the light and these roaches (no offense to bugs) will be the ones extinct, or fade into obscurity.

Futurist Trendcast

My new interview with TimeMonkRadioNetwork The Plane Truth show host Paul Plane is now live! This interview has been planned for a while, ever since our last interview in June 2017.

Don’t miss it! There is so much in it, including more on the Putin Enigma; Calibrations for Putin, Trump, US, EU and Russia; German stalemate and my predictions on Merkel; geopolitics and forbidden history; present witch hunt against those who tell the truth and question the establishment, including your truly; a few secrets about Russian economy and financial situation revealed; fresh timelines and predictions for the West and the upcoming Western Perestroika, and so much more…

Click to listen to it on YouTube!

My previous interview with The Plane Truth: Shifting Energies, Dark Cabals, and a Rebalancing World

See my interviews playlist on LadaRayYT Channel

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