Washington Post demands a Clinton investigation!

Source: https://thehornnews.com/shocking-washington-post-demands-clinton-investigation/

by Walter W. Murray, reporter

It’s not often that conservatives side with The Washington Post — but their article Sunday titled, “Yes, the Clintons should be investigated” has Americans on both sides of the aisle agreeing.

“Ever since Watergate, the mantra of all major corruption investigations has been to ‘follow the money.’ Well, Americans of all political stripes should be outraged by the fact that both Democrats and Republicans in Washington are up to their eyeballs in Kremlin cash,” Marc Thiessen wrote in The Post.

“Russian money found its way into the pockets of not only Trump advisers like Paul Manafort and Rick Gates — who were recently indicted by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III — but also Democratic power lobbyist Tony Podesta, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.”

Of course, the dirty Russian money that made their way into the pockets of the Clintons via the Uranium One deal is a scandal that The Horn News and other conservative news organizations have reported on for years.

It seems all the mainstream media needs to grow a backbone and call for an investigation into the Clintons is for the former White House power brokers to be out of favor in Washington, D.C.

Now that they’re out of the good graces of the liberal elite, it seems the knives have come out for the Clintons.

The Washington Post writes, “Ask yourself: How many half-a-million-dollar speeches has Bill Clinton given to Kremlin-linked banks since Hillary Clinton was defeated? How much Russian money is flowing into the Clinton Foundation’s coffers today? If Donald Trump had given a $500,000 speech paid for by a Kremlin bank, and his private foundation had accepted $145 million from Vladi­mir Putin-linked oligarchs and their Western business partners, do you think that his critics would be insisting there was nothing to see here?”

Of course not.

This is something conservatives have been saying for years.

Still, it’s nice that liberal media organizations are finally acknowledging the scandal… even if they are extremely late to the party.

At this rate, only three more years until someone in the mainstream media notices that President Barack Obama secretly shipped $400,000,000 in unmarked cash to the Iranians. Whoops, missed that one?

What about the shocking amounts of mysterious deaths that seemingly follow the Clinton family everywhere?

Or maybe the massive amount of voter fraud being used to rig elections in favor of Democrats?

Or the accusations that Obama tampered with the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails to help her win the election?

These are stories that The Horn News has reported on for years. These are also stories that were completely ignored by mainstream media outlets like The Washington Post and CNN, whose producers have been caught on camera admitting they’ll say just about anything to make a profit.

For The Washington Post, Sunday’s opinion piece was at least a start.

— Walter W. Murray is a reporter for The Horn News. He is an outspoken conservative and a survival expert, and is the author of “America’s Final Warning.

2 thoughts on “Washington Post demands a Clinton investigation!

    • I do sense a shift in the Democratic party. Perhaps they are returning to their roots, distancing from the Clinton mafioso. Liberals traditionally are anti-establishment and provide moral, economic and political support for the people. My how far they have strayed, this is a very good sign!


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