MY QUESTIONNAIRE ~ share your opinion on Russia ban from 2018 S. Korea Winter Olympics!

Politicizing sports, especially during the Olympic Games is despicable, and ultimately self defeating. What the West is doing is so petty, hastening it’s own demise as “representatives of the free world” by showcasing it’s own ignorance, corruption and jealousy for all the world to see. The IOC is blatantly corrupt and politically weaponized to demoralize Russia and her athletes. It’s not going to work obviously as ppl around the world awaken to this type of Western subterfuge.

As you know, I am quite embarrassed to be labeled American whenever I travel abroad, and I will be among those relinquishing their citizenship soon (tens of thousands ex-pats seek citizenship abroad and renounce their US passports every year). Happy to say I will be one of them, best $5K I’ve ever spent to get rid of this fugly albatross – yes US slaves aka “citizens” must payoff the US mafia gov’t this $$$ extortion fee just to get free!
Not to mention I will be saving hundreds of thousands in taxes every year, so $5K is cheap! The state dept keeps raising the renunciation fee every year (to keep the slaves from fleeing). I’m excited to Vámonos and take my business elsewhere!
As one of your readers’ suggested, Crimea is sounding pretty good, lol! 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

Like rice without Kimchi or football without Spain: S. Koreans on potential Russia ban from 2018 Olympics:

And how do YOU feel about this falsified anti-Russia doping scandal?

What about the legalized doping by American athletes, including world and olympic champions, who are being shielded from responsibility? How about the double and triple standards IOC, WADA and various Western-oriented countries, as well as those countries’ athletes, display towards Russian athletes?

Have the West, and humans in general, forgotten and forsaken everything the Olympics ever stood for?

What about the witch hunt against everything Russian in the West?

Disgusted yet? I am — very.

Is it time to abolish WADA, IOC and professional sports, completely taken over by the US, UK, Canada and Australia, who dictate their own rules, with no room for anyone else?

Is it time for THE GREAT EARTH SHIFT in recreation, amateur and big sports? Is it…

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