BREAKING! New Washington Scandal and US Spy Revolt: Russian Intelligence Chief Secretly Visits CIA

Perhaps there’s more to the CIA than Agency for Cowardly Idiots!

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The new Washington scandal is breaking! And of course, it’s again all about Russia! It has become known that Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Chief, Sergey Naryshkin, secretly visited the CIA. He flew incognito a regular commercial Aeroflot flight from Moscow to New York, then got into a car and traveled to Washington and from there, to the CIA Headquarters, where he had some interesting discussions with the CIA chief, on undisclosed topics.

You may be shocked, but it has to be noted that it was the CIA who helped prevent a recent major series of terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg, planed for the New Year’s Eve 2018 celebrations. As a result of the uncovered mega-plot, a major ring of Central Asian/ISIS/Islamist extremists and wannabe terrorists was apprehended in Russia.

FSB has in the past few years uncovered hundreds of different plots and prevented attempted terror attacks. The one in St. Petersburg…

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‘Dreamers’ are good for the economy


A relatively small group of people is the focal point of a huge, mushrooming brawl in Washington, D.C. On the economic merits alone, there shouldn’t be any fuss at all.

Yet the government may shut down soon because Congress can’t decide what to do about the so-called “dreamers”—roughly 700,000 young people brought to the United States illegally as children, and raised here ever since. President Trump is likely to mention the dreamers in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, and the ensuing week or two seem sure to feature lots of heated rhetoric about the dreamers, as supporters and critics determine their fate in Washington, D.C., far from the places where most dreamers actually live.

Though born elsewhere, the dreamers essentially grew up in America, learning English, graduating from high school and then going to college or entering the workforce. They now range in age from 16 to 35. Last September, Trump ended a temporary Obama-era program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, that allowed dreamers to live and work undisturbed in the United States. Trump told Congress to come up with a more permanent plan by early March. If Congress doesn’t, the dreamers could face deportation.

If the dilemma over the dreamers were purely an economic matter, the solution would be obvious: keep them here. About 55% of the dreamers work, while many of the rest are students or stay-at-home caregivers. The dreamers contribute about $42 billion to the economy each year, on net, and generate about $3.4 billion in annual tax revenue for the government, according to the center-right American Action Forum, run by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former head of the Congressional Budget Office. Those numbers account for costs dreamers impose on the system, such as the use of public schools and other government services, along with benefits they generate, such as revenue derived from sales and income taxes they pay.

Dreamers’ significant economic contribution

There are a lot of misleading numbers in circulation that falsely make the dreamers sounds like a net drag on American society. There are about 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States, and the anti-immigrant Center for Immigration Studies says that overall, they impose a “total lifetime fiscal drain” of $746 billion on U.S. taxpayers. Sounds costly.

But that number doesn’t include any economic contribution, such as taxes paid or demand generated by goods and services such people purchase. Nor does it account for the decline in the size of the labor force that would occur if undocumented migrants were suddenly gone. A smaller labor force generally means lower economic growth.

Besides, dreamers account for less than 7% of the total undocumented population in the United States. And they’re probably more productive than the broader undocumented cohort, since the DACA program requires dreamers to have a high-school degree or equivalent and have a crime-free record.

Still, the problem remains: The dreamers are in the country in violation of U.S. law. The majority of Americans favor an outcome that lets the dreams stay in the United States. But there are legitimate concerns about giving one group of undocumented migrants amnesty, because that could create an incentive for others to migrate to the country illegally, hoping they’ll get a similar deal.

Among many in Congress, there’s an agreement in principle that tightening security along the southwest border would be a fair tradeoff for securing permanent legal status for the dreamers. But hard-liners on either side see it differently. Trump has said he’ll accept the dreamers in exchange for a full $25 billion in funding for the big wall he wants to build along the southwest border. Democrats oppose Trump’s wall and accuse him of holding the dreamers hostage to a white-whale obsession with anti-immigrant symbology. The divide between the extremes may be unbridgeable. That’s how deals die in Washington.

The economy won’t collapse if the United States loses the dreamers. But it won’t prosper, either, if the government turns hostile to productive workers contributing to the economy. Or if politicians put ideological concerns over economic ones.

Confidential tip line: rickjnewman@yahoo.comEncrypted communication available.

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Idiocracy and new ‘Kremlin Sanctions’: Russian Ambassador to the US is World’s ONLY Ambassador Under Sanctions!

After seeing how well Russia is doing from Western sanctions, I wouldn’t be surprised if the EU wakes up and start clamoring for the same treatment!
After all, we are your closest partners-in-crime, don’t we deserve better!? LMAO 😀

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The new and already infamous “Kremlin sanctions package” was adopted yesterday by the US. We discussed it in this latest post, which is going viral: Major Russian Bank CEO Dire Warning: Anti-Russian Sanctions Mean War, US Should Remove Ambassador from Moscow.

On the preliminary list are CEOs, politicians, large companies, international organizations and Russia’s rich. A big chunk of the list consists of international companies, organizations and countries doing business with Russia’s defense industry. As I told you a few days ago, there is a long line of countries wanting to buy Russian S-400s and modern Russian aircraft despite all the sanctions, while US arms orders are propped up only by American threats and intimidation of its vassals. See these posts:

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BRICS-Net coming? Russia Wants Its Own Internet together with BRICS!

Why not? China and N Korea already have their own state controlled internet. Russia will have theirs, free from external Western control.
Don’t you just love so-called Democracy! 😉

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Video — ENG subs:

The latest poll revealed that 58% of Russians are FOR the creation of an alternative internet, exclusively for the BRICS countries. Of course, this spike in approval is due to latest unprecedented sanctions against Russia on all levels and all walks of life. I have shown you what’s going on my latest posts:

To say that such pressure on Russia is futile and ultimately self-defeating for the West and US is to say nothing. The West is creating its own future demise and self-fulfilling prophecy, and we are watching it unfold in slow motion.

Want to know what will ultimately serve as…

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Major Russian Bank CEO Dire Warning: Anti-Russian Sanctions Mean War, US Should Remove Ambassador from Moscow

Here we go again, idiotic and spiteful Western sanctions used against Russia… only to rebound back. Good to see US policies helping make Russia stronger by forcing oligarchs and wealthy elite repatriate their money back into the Russian banks!

Of course these latest sanctions don’t stop the US from purchasing Russian LNG gas to offset shortage due to record breaking cold temps across the nation.

Yet another case of “do as I say, not as I do”! DOH!! 😀

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The US has threatened a new round of anti-Russian sanctions, scheduled to be announced today, Jan. 29. This new round is directed against Russian big business, banks, the rich and ex-oligarchs. Some of these reside in Russia and others in London, EU and US.

Russians at large don’t trust the class of the rich and oligarchs, believing their loyalties lie with the West, where their money is stashed away. To a degree this is correct. However, more and more proof is arriving daily that the opposite may be true in many cases. Some examples are striking and jaw-dropping.

For example, the CEO of Russia’s major bank VTB, Andrei Kostin, shocked Russians yesterday by his completely out-of-character dire warnings to the US and EU not to play with fire. Kostin warned during the Davos Economic Forum that a new round of sanctions and continuing economic/ political pressure against Russia would equal…

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This season’s flu is officially classified an “epidemic” as the rate of young children requiring hospitalization doubles in a week – and the CDC warns new strains are emerging

Image: This season’s flu is officially classified an “epidemic” as the rate of young children requiring hospitalization doubles in a week – and the CDC warns new strains are emerging

(Natural News) The rate of young children requiring hospitalization has doubled in just a week as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns of new, emerging strains of influenza. It’s disturbing to watch, year after year, as the mainstream media uses disease, tragedy, and epidemics to sell more ineffective flu vaccines and Tamiflu for their pharmaceutical sponsors.

So much knowledge about nutrition, adaptogens, and plant-based antimicrobial compounds is being held back to keep people in fear of the seasonal flu and to make them dependent on failed vaccine science.

From a business perspective, the mainstream media is using hoards of sick, hospitalized people to further promote flu vaccines — the same mercury and aluminum-based vaccines that are proven to weaken people’s ability to adapt to ever-changing influenza strains. There is never any mention of flu vaccine side effects, either. Included on the vaccine insert, these problems include but are not limited to eye and chest pain, arthritis, dizziness, tremors and losing consciousness (syncope), convulsions and seizures, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, cranial nerve or limb paralysis, swelling of the brain, and partial facial paralysis.

In order to understand what’s going on here, one must take a step back and look at what the media is suggesting with all this “Flupocalypse” reporting. Over and over again, the mainstream media suggests that people continue to get shot up with flu vaccines that will never be able to strengthen the body’s terrain to fight mutating influenza viruses.

Exposure to vaccine antigens is not the only way to increase antibody response in the human immune system. At best, exposure to vaccine pathogens may teach the immune system to recognize one or a few virus strains, but there’s no way of knowing whether this augmentation lasts long term (hence the need for booster shots). To make matters worse, influenza viruses are constantly mutating to survive and are more capable of overwhelming a person whose immune system has been burdened by mercury, aluminum salts, foreign animal and human cells (all in the vaccines). A body that is intramuscularly trained to recognize select pathogens (that are not currently circulating) is a body unprepared to face new influenza mutations.

Therefore, it is more prudent to holistically prepare the terrain of the immune system, making cellular health more efficient in energy production. Vaccine science focuses on the fear of individual germs; whereas, smart adaptation focuses on strengthening natural responses throughout the body, including lymph movement, endocrine function and hormone signaling, microbiome intelligence, digestion, waste filtration, mucous membrane efficiency, inflammation reduction, and stress reduction. The strength of the terrain inside the body should be the first priority when taking a practical approach to adaptation to infectious disease.

This is why peer-reviewed studies show that people have better outcomes and can better prevent disease when their bodies are utilizing crucial elements that strengthen their organ systems, cellular health, and efficient antibody response. Zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, and probiotics are four examples where nutrition strengthens the terrain of the human body so that fear of disease does not affect the mind, and so disease does not manifest into tragic outcomes.

The current strain of H3N2 has hospitalized 13.7 per 100,000 so far in January but the rate doubled in just a week to 22.7 per 100,000, according to CDC officials. More than eighty-five adults have perished and another twenty children are now gone. People are dying because they are told to trust and taught to rely on the very science that is weakening their ability to adapt. The CDC will continue to urge people to get vaccinated again and again, but it’s simply the wrong approach for a malnourished population that is taught to fear infections instead of taking care of the terrain of their natural immune systems. (For more on the failures of flu vaccine science visit Vaccines.News.)

Sources include: