Three Seconds to Win! When Sport Was Honest (USSR-USA Gold Basketball, 1972 Olympics)

Wow, that was a truly exciting moment in sport! Although world sport was still politically motivated during the cold war, sports were all the more meaningful b/c it was played honestly… by the rules!
Kudos to all the players for a well played, very close and exciting game! 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

Warning! You may be shocked and may not believe your eyes at what you’ll see below. It may turn your entire perception upside down, but keep reading!

Recently we’ve discussed what the sport has turned into in the past 20 or so years: REPORT: Dirty Geopolitics of Olympics and Globalism – Will Russia Say NO and Start Alternative Games? In that report, of December 18, 2017, I said ‘Big sport, simply put, equals the following: big money, big business and big showbiz‘. There is no fairness and no hope of justice in sport at this time in our common reality. Pretty depressing, right?

For someone who grew up with the old ideals of sport it’s hard to watch the mockery and a farce it has become. But I really wanted to have something positive and hopeful with which to #Jumpstart2018, and I found this gem.

True, there may be different…

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