I Like Cannabis

Happy New Year dear Josh! There’s a huge reason why Feds cannot de-schedule cannabis, if they legalize it then cannabis would legitimately be grown anywhere by anyone! Say bye bye to taxes, regulation and pretty much the entire Big Pharma industry. 😉 Alcohol is legal b/c not everyone can or will make bootleg liquor.

If pot were legal then everyone will be much healthier, happier and saner, but the medical industrial complex and health insurance companies would take a huge hit, not to mention our lovely for-profit prison system! So you see, sick care is a gi-normous cash cow for big gov’t and their crony corporations. Why would they ever want to give up control of this racket and legalize GOD’s gift to mankind?

Oh well, that’s the sicko world we live in, the self-determined individual will find workarounds to any obstacle which restrict our sovereignty.

Have a woked & stoked 2018 everyone! 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Like Cannabis

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