UKRAINE ON FIRE: The Real Story. Full Oliver Stone Documentary (Original Eng version) + Lada Ray’s Calibrations

Good documentary style film, watched it when it first came out thanks to TOR (The Onion Router) one can get alot of hidden, banned, censored info from the internet. 😉
Of course your intel is much more precise, timely, in-depth than a 2 hr documentary. Keep up the great work Lada!

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It has come to my attention that finally Oliver Stone’s famous documentary Ukraine On Fire has been restored and is now again posted on YouTube and elsewhere. As some of you may know, this film was made by the renowned American filmmaker about the Kiev Maidan and 2014 Ukraine coup, which resulted in a brutal fascist regime and near destruction of the country I remember as a flourishing and peaceful land. But then again, that was during the days of the USSR.

The truth is sorely needed to be told for the benefit of the American and generally Western audiences, but there are too many forces who don’t want the people to know this truth. To prevent English-speaking countries from watching it, the film was blocked in English everywhere but has finally been restored and can now be watched.

I know Oliver Stone is a brilliant filmmaker…

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Learn Russian! Not for the faint of heart: Russian Miracle Epiphany Ice Dip (#Putin, US Ambassador)

I had a smaller epiphany, while taking a shower i turned on the cold water 3 times!
OK not the same as Prez Putin’s dip, but i’m with all the Russians in spirit! Maddie Walsh okunulsia v prorub’ na Kreshchenie. 😀

Happy Epiphany Sunday everyone!! ❤

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Happy Epiphany Sunday!

I received a ‘Happy Epiphany Sunday’ email from one of my American followers, and decided, why not post a few of heart-stopping Russian Ice Dip Epiphany moments, plus a Russian language challenge! Enjoy!

**Per Russian Orthodox religion, the Epiphany ice hole dip washes away your sins. If we think of ill health and bad emotions as sins, or vice versa, if we think of sins manifesting as negative energy or ill health, this is certainly spot on.

Incidentally, by rules you’ve got to dip 3 times — only then it counts.

This miracle ice dip resets your immune system and clears all ailments for years to come. But don’t try this at home if you don’t know what you are doing! (And certainly, never do it without clearance from you physician.)

Putin takes Epiphany ice dip at Nilo-Stolobenskaya Pustin’ male monastery (northern Russia) on pristine Lake Seliger…

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