Idiocracy and new ‘Kremlin Sanctions’: Russian Ambassador to the US is World’s ONLY Ambassador Under Sanctions!

After seeing how well Russia is doing from Western sanctions, I wouldn’t be surprised if the EU wakes up and start clamoring for the same treatment!
After all, we are your closest partners-in-crime, don’t we deserve better!? LMAO ūüėÄ

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The new and already infamous ‚ÄúKremlin sanctions package‚ÄĚ was adopted yesterday by the US. We discussed it in this latest post, which is going viral:¬†Major Russian Bank CEO Dire Warning: Anti-Russian Sanctions Mean War, US Should Remove Ambassador from¬†Moscow.

On the preliminary list are CEOs, politicians, large companies, international organizations and Russia’s rich. A big chunk of the list consists of international companies, organizations and countries doing business with Russia’s defense industry. As I told you a few days ago, there is a long line of countries wanting to buy Russian S-400s and modern Russian aircraft despite all the sanctions, while US arms orders are propped up only by American threats and intimidation of its vassals. See these posts:

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