YOU’RE FIRED! Clinton pal fired from top DNC post

by Frank Holmes, reporter

In last night’s response to the State of the Union Address, Rep. Joe Kennedy praised “Me Too” activists for exposing harassment in the workplace. But it came one day after the party dumped a woman who blew the whistle on sexual harassment involving Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Democratic National Committee CEO Jess O’Connell announced Monday she’s leaving her post at the party – and the announcement is really, really fishy.

O’Connell came to the scandal-ridden DNC last May, shortly after former chairwoman Donna Brazile exposed the fact that the 2016 primaries were rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

She checked all the liberal, feminist boxes. She was executive director of the pro-abortion EMILY’s List, and she had worked at the Center for American Progress, a Soros-funded think tank founded by Clinton crony John Podesta.

Everyone, including current DNC Chair Tom Perez admits O’Connell did a lot to repair the party’s tainted image. She also helped Democrats win races in Virginia, New Jersey, and Alabama.

And O’Connell had just given an interview to The Advocate last week, describing what it’s like to be the first open lesbian to hold such a high Democratic Party position.

That proves she didn’t plan to quit. She was fired. But why?

O’Connell unmasked the way Hillary tried to sweep sexual harassment allegations under the rug – and punished one of the women involved.

The New York Times reported that a young woman who worked on her campaign accused Hillary’s faith advisor, Burns Strider, of repeated acts of sexual harassment during the 2008 presidential campaign.

The 30-year-old woman said Strider rubbed her shoulders, kissed her forehead, and sent her a torrent of sexually suggestive e-mails at all hours of the day and night.

The victim took her story to O’Connell, who was then national director of operations for Hillary’s presidential campaign.

O’Connell and the campaign manager, Patty Solis Doyle, told Hillary to fire the bum.

Instead, Hillary moved the victim, docked Strider’s pay and ordered him to go to therapy sessions – which he never attended.

A few months later, Hillary fired Doyle.

Now that O’Connell has revealed the corrupt inner workings of the Clinton campaign to the national media, she’s mysteriously out of a job, too.

The Advocate asked if Hillary’s campaign allegations had anything to do with O’Connell’s job loss, and “the DNC offered no comment.”

But their message is coming through loud and clear: Use all the hashtags and wear all the white roses you like, but don’t ever expose Democratic wrongdoing to the media, or your career will swim with the fishes.

O’Connell’s being shown the door just as all the signs show the Democratic Party is falling apart.

She’s leaving a key position empty shortly after the DNC fired its finance director, top fundraiser, Emily Mellencamp Smith, for having a bad year.

And last October, party activists, especially supporters of Bernie Sanders, were incensed when Tom Perez kicked several Democratic veterans off the national committee – and stacked it with Hillary loyalists.

The DNC is a sinking ship. And anyone who rips the lid off its wrongdoing, like O’Connell, will have to walk the plank.


Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”

First Win! 1-1 Russia vs WADA/IOC. Putin to athletes: Sorry for not being able to protect you from dirty politics

“If they are NOT invited, I say sue the hell out of IOC/WADA and personally their top brass + McLaren.” — Hell Yeah! 😀

Futurist Trendcast

Russia wins first arbitrage! In a surprisingly fast decision, the Lausanne Sports Arbitrage (Tribunal Arbitral du Sport / Court of Arbitration for Sport) exonerated 28 Russian athletes, who were previously banned by IOC for life from competitions and accused of doping based on unsubstantiated McLaren WADA report. The Sochi Olympics medals taken away by IOC, were returned to these athletes. 11 other athletes who were a part of this complaint did not get exonerated, but it doesn’t mean they are dirty. It only means that more info is needed.

Even though not all athletes who participated in Sochi have been exonerated yet, just the medals that have already been returned (over 10 so far), already put Russia back on top for the Sochi medals count, thus re-affirming Russia’s No. 1 finish.

Russians promise the next wave of complaints for other athletes whose careers and lives were ruined as a result of…

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Hacker News: Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Infected Over Half-Million PCs Using NSA Exploit


2017 was the year of high profile data breaches and ransomware attacks, but from the beginning of this year, we are noticing a faster-paced shift in the cyber threat landscape, as cryptocurrency-related malware is becoming a popular and profitable choice of cyber criminals.

Several cybersecurity firms are reporting of new cryptocurrency mining viruses that are being spread using EternalBlue—the same NSA exploit that was leaked by the hacking group Shadow Brokers and responsible for the devastating widespread ransomware threat WannaCry.

Researchers from Proofpoint discovered a massive global botnet dubbed “Smominru,” a.k.a Ismo, that is using EternalBlue SMB exploit (CVE-2017-0144) to infect Windows computers to secretly mine Monero cryptocurrency, worth millions of dollars, for its master.

Active since at least May 2017, Smominru botnet has already infected more than 526,000 Windows computers, most of which are believed to be servers running unpatched versions of Windows, according to the researchers.

“Based on the hash power associated with the Monero payment address for this operation, it appeared that this botnet was likely twice the size of Adylkuzz,” the researchers said.

The botnet operators have already mined approximately 8,900 Monero, valued at up to $3.6 million, at the rate of roughly 24 Monero per day ($8,500) by stealing computing resources of millions of systems.


The highest number of Smominru infection has been observed in Russia, India, and Taiwan, the researchers said.

The command and control infrastructure of Smominru botnet is hosted on DDoS protection service SharkTech, which was notified of the abuse but the firm reportedly ignored the abuse notifications.

According to the Proofpoint researchers, cybercriminals are using at least 25 machines to scan the internet to find vulnerable Windows computers and also using leaked NSA’s RDP protocol exploit, EsteemAudit (CVE-2017-0176), for infection.

“As Bitcoin has become prohibitively resource-intensive to mine outside of dedicated mining farms, interest in Monero has increased dramatically. While Monero can no longer be mined effectively on desktop computers, a distributed botnet like that described here can prove quite lucrative for its operators,” the researchers concluded.

“The operators of this botnet are persistent, use all available exploits to expand their botnet, and have found multiple ways to recover after sinkhole operations. Given the significant profits available to the botnet operators and the resilience of the botnet and its infrastructure, we expect these activities to continue, along with their potential impacts on infected nodes.”

Another security firm CrowdStrike recently published a blog post, reporting another widespread cryptocurrency fileless malware, dubbed WannaMine, using EternalBlue exploit to infect computers to mine Monero cryptocurrency.

Since it does not download any application to an infected computer, WannaMine infections are harder to detect by antivirus programs. CrowdStrike researchers observed the malware has rendered “some companies unable to operate for days and weeks at a time.”

Besides infecting systems, cybercriminals are also widely adopting cryptojacking attacks, wherein browser-based JavaScript miners utilise website visitors’ CPUs power to mine cryptocurrencies for monetisation.

Since recently observed cryptocurrency mining malware attacks have been found leveraging EternalBlue, which had already been patched by Microsoft last year, users are advised to keep their systems and software updated to avoid being a victim of such threats.

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