First Win! 1-1 Russia vs WADA/IOC. Putin to athletes: Sorry for not being able to protect you from dirty politics

“If they are NOT invited, I say sue the hell out of IOC/WADA and personally their top brass + McLaren.” — Hell Yeah! 😀

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Russia wins first arbitrage! In a surprisingly fast decision, the Lausanne Sports Arbitrage (Tribunal Arbitral du Sport / Court of Arbitration for Sport) exonerated 28 Russian athletes, who were previously banned by IOC for life from competitions and accused of doping based on unsubstantiated McLaren WADA report. The Sochi Olympics medals taken away by IOC, were returned to these athletes. 11 other athletes who were a part of this complaint did not get exonerated, but it doesn’t mean they are dirty. It only means that more info is needed.

Even though not all athletes who participated in Sochi have been exonerated yet, just the medals that have already been returned (over 10 so far), already put Russia back on top for the Sochi medals count, thus re-affirming Russia’s No. 1 finish.

Russians promise the next wave of complaints for other athletes whose careers and lives were ruined as a result of…

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