EXPOSED! Soros’ 2020 election plot unveiled

by Frank Holmes, reporter   

The entire future of American presidential elections could come down to one state – and billionaire George Soros is laying out big bucks to make sure it goes to Democrats forever.

Florida is a make-or-break state for Republicans, and liberal elites are convinced they’ve found the key to turning the state blue: Poor voters fleeing to the mainland from disaster-stricken Puerto Rico.

The island is a U.S. territory, not a state, so its residents can’t vote in American presidential elections. But if they move to the mainland, it’s a whole different story.

Puerto Ricans are different than the state’s dominant Hispanic community, fiercely conservative Cuban-Americans, who vote overwhelmingly for the GOP.

“Puerto Ricans voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016,” NBC News reported.

The New York Times was so excited that it wrote last October, “An Exodus From Puerto Rico Could Remake Florida Politics.”

Instead of trying to flip the whole country, Soros realized he could get more bang-for-his-buck by investing a tiny slice of his war chest getting them to the polls.

He spent a paltry $430,000 to establish United for Progress – a PAC dedicated to putting the state of Florida under permanent Democrat Party rule – just two months before the 2016 elections.

And he just doubled-down with another $450,000 in donations.

That’s chicken feed to Soros, who’s worth an estimated $8 billion, but he’s betting it will pay huge dividends – like giving him control of the Oval Office.

If he turns Florida into a blue state, he could block the Republicans’ path to the White House for years, or decades, to come.

“United for Progress’s primary goal remains to build community-based political power and influence in the growing Puerto Rican and Latino constituencies,” said Chairman Juan Marcos Vilar (who goes by “Marcos”) in an e-mail to media outlets.

Power? At least Soros is honest about what he wants.

President Donald Trump won Florida by a razor-thin margin of 120,000 votes in 2016. NBC News reports that 189,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to the state since Hurricane Maria alone.

But the state’s Puerto Rican population has more than doubled since 2000, according to the Pew Research Group, to 1.2 million people.

That’s a huge influx into an evenly-divided state. And this rising voter group supports Democrats over Republicans by an estimated two-to-one margin, according to Rep. Darren Soto, a Florida Democrat of Puerto Rican descent.

Soros wants to make sure these voters get to the polls. The Hungarian-born magnate couldn’t care less about Puerto Ricans or their problems – but he wants them to line up and vote for the Democratic presidential candidate in 2020.

Florida Democrats say a slightly higher turnout could turn their state into the next California. But they need Soros’ help… or at least, his money.

“It’s not going to happen on its own,” said Steve Schale, a Democratic political consultant. “If you look at the data so far, it’s not just happening.”

Since Puerto Ricans in Florida are trying to rebuild their lives after one of the worst hurricanes in modern history, political activism isn’t exactly their main concern.

So, Soros has dropped $880,000 in less than a year-and-a-half to change their priorities -– and it’s already paying off.

Experts say most people who settled in Florida will stay there, and some of them are excited about shifting its 50-50 political balance.

“We are the ones who are going to decide who wins and who loses,” Iralisse Huertas-Agosto, a 23-year-old Puerto Rican who now lives in Florida, told the Orlando Sentinel in January.

They could have a little help from Soros-engineered vote fraud. The head of the group, Marcos Vilar, is a well-connected Soros hired gun. He used to work for the Open Society Foundation, a pro-amnesty illegal immigration organization, and a scandal-ridden get out the vote effort.

In 2012, he ran Mi Familia Vota, which sued the state of Florida to stop it from purging its voting rolls of ineligible voters – non-citizens, dead people, people who had moved, etc.

The combination of new voters and fake voters could be all it takes to give Florida a Democrat majority.

Last year, I warned you about Soros’ plot to flip the state of Texas – the heart of Republican presidential strategies – and to give America a Democratic president for years to come. Turning Florida from a swing state to a Democrat state would do the same thing: it would make winning the presidency almost impossible for any Republican candidate.

Not only is Soros buying the U.S. presidential election, but he’s doing it on the cheap – unless Puerto Ricans wake up and realize they’re being used.

Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”